10 tips to ease the stress when moving house

I moved in with my boyfriend this week. Taking the step to move in with a boy (man, sorry Matt) is stressful enough, so I decided to make the process of packing up my worldly belongings and moving them elsewhere as stress free as possible.

I have 10 top tips which are probably just common sense, but when the overwhelming sensation of “OH MY GOD I AM MOVING IN LESS THAN A WEEK” takes over, they might come in handy:

So accurate!

Declutter. About a week before the moving date, I spent a while looking round my flat thinking, I really do not have much stuff and made a mental list of everything I wanted to take. When I got about 3 minutes in, I quickly began putting clothes in to charity shop and wardrobe piles. It took about three evenings, but bit by bit I managed to go through A LOT of clothes, out of date toiletries, unused kitchen appliances and dusty books.The key is to be BRUTAL! Instead of rushing and panicking it was actually quite therapeutic and fulfilling only keeping things I actually use, want & might need some day e.g. the pirate costume that I wore for Halloween two years ago.



Begin packing process prior to moving date. Once I got rid of unwanted bits and bobs, packing was not actually too bad. I mean it wasn’t quite how Sex and the City portrayed it – there was no Champagne or costume changes. By packing bit by bit and room by room I managed to have a final clear out and knew exactly what I was taking with me. Tip within a tip: make sure you know what your next home contains, prior to moving in. You do not want to double up on things, but also do not want to throw away something only to realise your new flat does not have a clothes horse.

Ugly, but efficient!

Ugly, but efficient!

Get some boxes. It is all very well and good sorting through belongings, however if you do not have any boxes to put them in, your efforts are no use to anyone. I managed to take a few from work and asked around the local supermarkets. Nothing like a cardboard box to help moving more simple. They are a great shape to pack a car and you can write the contents on the box.

Accurate pleading face...

Accurate pleading face…

Rope in as many loved ones as possible. I do not know how my flat mate and I would have moved out of our flat without our dads and my boyfriend. The number of combined tip runs was quite impressive. My mum then saved the day when she arrived at our new flat with a lamb casserole and helped us unpack. Within 24 hours we had cleared one flat and made our new home look and feel like home – it was a huge team effort and would have taken 10 times as long if we tried to do it by ourselves.



Gumtree. Here is a tip about the tip, you will not be allowed to enter the tip and dump belongings if you are using a van. It is stupid. Sophs lovely dad, Ian and Matt were sat outside of the tip in Ian’s van with our two sofas wondering what to do. Matt quickly put an advert on Gumtree offering two free sofas with delivery a time limit of 30 minutes. Within 5 minutes he received 3 requests and they went to offload our sofas onto the next lovely owner. We probably should have done this sooner and could have made quite a bit of money if we would have been more organised, but it was a lifesaver.

So chic!

So chic!

Buy ‘boxes’ pre moving in. This is a different kind of box. There is nothing better than unpacking toiletries in to little baskets and clothes in to even bigger baskets. This is something that can be done after moving in, but if you are like me and like to unpack as quickly as possible then having gems such as this little cheeky purchase from Asda will make unpacking less of a chore.

Do people still send change of address cards?

Take a moving day. There is a lot of life admin to sort out when moving house most importantly notifying the world that your address has changed -the bank, phone company, the council, insurance company, new look….etc. Meter readings are a nightmare if you aren’t actually in your house. It just gives you some extra time to discover hidden corners and move things around until you find the perfect spot.

My favourite candle!

My favourite candle!

Buy lots of smellies. No matter how much the previous tenants cleaned the house, the building will always carry their smell for a while. I wanted the flat to smell fresh and clean and therefore I bought a serious amount of candles, incense sticks, plug ins, sprays- pretty much every smelly thing that Wilks had to offer. My friend came over for tea yesterday evening and the first thing she said when she walked in was “It smells amazing in here”. JOB DONE!

Sounds about right!

Sounds about right!

Buy bare necessities. Luckily I had my mum on hand to remind me of this one. When you are busy moving everything in the last thing you think about it what you will need once you have actually settled. Top of my list – loo roll, hand towel, hand soap, toothpaste, milk, teabags and of course WINE.

Such a happy little face!

Such a happy little face!

Enjoy moving in. Something Matt had to remind me a couple of times is that not everything has to be in order straight away. If you don’t buy the perfect cushions and blankets within 2 days of moving in, it is not the end of the world. Actually its better to shop around a little and find something perfect!

Home is where LOVE resides, where MEMORIES are created, FRIENDS are always welcome and Laughter never ends….

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Tips when choosing foundation

foundationFoundation is the staple in any make-up bag, it allows you to create a blank and even canvas and that is why I think it is important to invest in the most appropriate one for you. No matter what your skin type I think the most important factor with any foundation is the colour. To test for the correct shade simply place a bit of the tester just under your jaw line to check it matches with the tone of your neck. It is then key to find one that compliments the texture of your skin, so someone with oily skin would use a more matted foundation and someone with dry skin would use a moisture based foundation and so on.

foundation1With the following reviews I will tell you what shades are available, if it is oil or matte based and provide a few more comments that will vary depending on the individual product. As with all the reviews, please feel free to comment as I am always interested in what you have to say. If you would also like some individual advice, please email me.

I have written a review on the below foundation which might help you find your perfect match:

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation

Tips when choosing Mascara

If I were made to choose the one product from my make-up bag that would make the most difference when applied, it would undoubtedly be my mascara.

Mascara will give instant definition and effortlessly draw attention straight to the eyes. Most people associate mascara with a jet black colour, however I think it is key to remember that mascara comes in a variety of colours and choosing a colour that suits your eye colour and complexion can make a huge difference.

When choosing mascara, you should not purely rely on the price as an indicator of whether it would be a suitable purchase for you, personally. Rather, more importance should be placed upon the choice of brush, type of mascara (e.g. waterproof/curling) and whether the colour complements your complexion.

Mascara is not a product in short supply, with a vast array of products on the market at various price points. As a result, choosing the right one can become a daunting task, especially as testers are not usually available.

However, there’s no need to worry – here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

1) Fat brushes create fuller lashes.
2) Skinny brushes will coat each lash perfectly without clumping.
3) Curved wands will help curl lashes.

4ef6c99e57909f6bc88cabb4742f973bType of Mascara:
1) Lengthening mascaras have dense bristles that give an even coating from the base of the follicle to the tip of the lash.
2) Non-clumping mascaras contain ingredients such as silk extract and glycerine that once applied, does not allow anything else to cling on. The applicators also have longer wands, which allows for a more even application.
3) Thickening mascaras commonly contain a thicker formula of waxes and silicone polymers that cling on to the lashes and make them appear bulkier.
4) Waterproof mascaras contain special synthetic formulas that repel moisture. However it is important to not these formulas can damage the lashes. (To prevent damage, put Vaseline on them overnight).

I have written a couple of reviews on the below Mascaras which might help you find your perfect match:

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