dramaIf you are lucky enough to have a Monday to Friday, 9-5 job with a good salary then you are at an advantage when it comes to having a good work-life balance. However, whether the ‘life’ part of the balance involves a large bar of dairy milk and Netflix, playing a sport or shopping it is something that can only be organised by you and it is a personal choice.

Here is a list of possible ways to ensure you are making time within your busy schedule for the things you enjoy and need…


931b86aff3815b302d902d04a9eadb0aWhen you arrive at your desk every morning, have a clear list of tasks that you need to complete by the end of the day. Be realistic, try not to get caught up in less productive activities and allow time for emergency deadlines. This way you will leave work on time(ish) and have the evening to do as you please.


exercuseTaking up a new hobby is a great way to break away from the office, however it can be a struggle to make it a regular occurrence. Joining a sports team will not only be enjoyable, but you will also have a sense of commitment to your team and this will give you the nudge to go every week. Exercise is also a great way to release feel good hormones and focus your mind on something completely separate from work.


relaxWith the rise in social media, we are fixated on doing something fun and exciting every minute of every day, however, occasionally we are allowed to take our foot off the accelerator. Remove any form of electronic device from your person and simply go for a walk or read a book and enjoy a moment to regenerate and reflect.


Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.20.09Pick an evening that works for you and make it your ‘date’ evening as often as possible. Your date can be dinner with the girls, bowling with your partner or an evening in with your best mate and Mr Rioja. Chatting, laughing and moaning with friends will release any tension that you may not have been able to voice at work – essentially a cheap version of therapy.


Screenshot 2015-11-03 17.32.37No matter how exciting your job is, we all experience particularly uneventful periods in the office and naturally life can begin to feel slightly monotonous. Booking a holiday or weekend-break will provide a light at the end of the tunnel and quite simply give you something to look forward to. This can be a two-week holiday in the Bahamas or a long weekend camping in Devon; it doesn’t matter as long as it is miles away from your every day schedule.


say noTechnology has helped our lives in many ways, but it has also created expectations of constant accessibility. Unless you make it clear that you’re not eternally available for work queries outside of office hours then the workday will never end. Towards the end of every working day, make a list of the things you have not yet completed, this will allow you to think through your deadlines, complete what needs to be done immediately and eventually switch off until the next day.


love worlIt seems pretty simple, but in order to enhance you work-life balance it is important to enjoy what you do. For many people, work-life balance is interchangeable with boring-fun balance and this should not be the case. Work should provide an inspiring environment to enhance your skills and knowledge, which will increase your control in your role, and with this control you can achieve a better balance.


positiAll of the above will help you to achieve a desirable work-life balance, however as I mentioned in the introduction, the main driving factor is you. Having a positive mental attitude will give you the enthusiasm and energy to plan ahead, try new sports and organise activities. You will be the envy of your colleagues, friends and not to mention your new teammates.

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150624-Hello-2015I always make new Years Resolutions, however I do not often stick to them for longer than a week (max) and they mostly involve losing weight & saving money and like most I always end up gaining weight and losing money – NOT THIS YEAR!

I have realised I need to set realistic goals with actual figures and also think of a few that are slightly less self-indulgent.

  1. Do something charitable for the MSA trust

Matt and I have signed up to do Survival of the Fittest in October, which is a 10k run with physical obstacles along the way and I am going to run in aid of the MSA trust because the illness is something very close to my heart.59f12f517a06a018035e6e9fb4fa61ca983626c65900e6a69b2cfcbff41d9cce

  1. Reach a physical peak

Someone told me recently that at 25 you should be at your physical peak – I have 6 months. Don’t get me wrong I like myself, but I am by no means at a physical peak and if I am then I am not pleased with the height of the peak.

I have decided this year instead of saying “Lose weight” I need to have a good eating and exercise plan as well as a goal. Playing netball a couple of times a week and popping to the gym is great, but I want to push myself this year and hopefully get into shape in the process hence the Survival of the Fittest.

My housemate & BFF Soph and I often have waves of healthy meals and gym sessions, however this year I need to prolong these waves. No doubt I will keep you updated on the process, but so far I can tell you that cutting down after Christmas is tough, but I am determined 2015 will see the peak of Georgina Goodhind.

Fat Amy - My Hero

Fat Amy – My Hero

  1. Save Money

I know that in order to have a great blog then you have to be open, however I am not going to write a figure, lets just say I want to pay off my overdraft and I have a sum that I am going to save a month (by setting up a direct debit to my dad and asking him to save it as I do not trust myself).Save-money-drinking

  1. Stay Positive

I would like to think I am a positive person and my friends and family would hopefully agree, however I suppose what I mean by this is I want to refrain from saying or thinking anything negative and if I do then if the thing I am complaining about can be changed – I will change it.tumblr_n4jhsmSczA1sk25ezo1_500

There are a couple of other things such as spending more time with my grandparents and being less bossy that I would also like to apply to 2015, however these do not have quantitative results and are things that I want to do not goals.