150624-Hello-2015I always make new Years Resolutions, however I do not often stick to them for longer than a week (max) and they mostly involve losing weight & saving money and like most I always end up gaining weight and losing money – NOT THIS YEAR!

I have realised I need to set realistic goals with actual figures and also think of a few that are slightly less self-indulgent.

  1. Do something charitable for the MSA trust

Matt and I have signed up to do Survival of the Fittest in October, which is a 10k run with physical obstacles along the way and I am going to run in aid of the MSA trust because the illness is something very close to my heart.59f12f517a06a018035e6e9fb4fa61ca983626c65900e6a69b2cfcbff41d9cce

  1. Reach a physical peak

Someone told me recently that at 25 you should be at your physical peak – I have 6 months. Don’t get me wrong I like myself, but I am by no means at a physical peak and if I am then I am not pleased with the height of the peak.

I have decided this year instead of saying “Lose weight” I need to have a good eating and exercise plan as well as a goal. Playing netball a couple of times a week and popping to the gym is great, but I want to push myself this year and hopefully get into shape in the process hence the Survival of the Fittest.

My housemate & BFF Soph and I often have waves of healthy meals and gym sessions, however this year I need to prolong these waves. No doubt I will keep you updated on the process, but so far I can tell you that cutting down after Christmas is tough, but I am determined 2015 will see the peak of Georgina Goodhind.

Fat Amy - My Hero

Fat Amy – My Hero

  1. Save Money

I know that in order to have a great blog then you have to be open, however I am not going to write a figure, lets just say I want to pay off my overdraft and I have a sum that I am going to save a month (by setting up a direct debit to my dad and asking him to save it as I do not trust myself).Save-money-drinking

  1. Stay Positive

I would like to think I am a positive person and my friends and family would hopefully agree, however I suppose what I mean by this is I want to refrain from saying or thinking anything negative and if I do then if the thing I am complaining about can be changed – I will change it.tumblr_n4jhsmSczA1sk25ezo1_500

There are a couple of other things such as spending more time with my grandparents and being less bossy that I would also like to apply to 2015, however these do not have quantitative results and are things that I want to do not goals.