Valentines-Day-Tumblr-4-300x194Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day has arrived in a BIG way – every year it seems to get bigger, better and more Americanised than the year before.

I am one of those annoying girls/women (I never know where girl ends and woman begins) that say things like, “OMG It’s so over commercialised, I think people should just celebrate days that mean something to them” and then I would be genuinely quite upset if I didn’t receive a card (one of those classic problem solving situations for my boyfriend).

So I thought I would suggest a few Valentine’s gift ideas for your loved one or for yourself and include a couple of cheeky Valentine’s outfit suggestions.


I do not think Valentines Day requires big extravagant gifts and expensive dinners; small token gifts to show someone you are thinking about them is plenty, whether thats for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or best friend. Here are a few ideas.

Home made gifts.

Vouchers that are much better than mine!

Vouchers that are much better than mine!

This year I have decided to explore (find) my creative side and I have made Matt a little voucher book which entitles him to things such as ‘the ability to trump my dinner suggestion with a Bolognese’ and ‘the final decision when it comes to choosing a film’ – do not worry I have included a terms & conditions page. I would include a picture, but don’t want to ruin the whole thing if Matt reads this. Other ideas for homemade gifts – bookmark or a coaster?

Home baked goodies.

I would be pretty pleased with these...

I would be pretty pleased with these…

Baked treats are always a winner when it comes to creating a relatively cheap present that shows how much you care. My housemate Sophie is a cupcake queen, the Mary Berry of a beautiful sponge and swirly icing! Unfortunately I am more like the first contestant Mary throws off in bake off, so I may go for something simple. BBC Good Food has a great page dedicated to Valentine’s baking recipes which look amazing!!! I will let you know how it goes if I take on the challenge!!


I would prefer a bunch of Daisies.

I would prefer a bunch of Daisies.

I am not a huge fan of roses, however I do know that both Aldi and Lidl are selling gorgeous bunches for under £5. I know Waitrose are also offering a good flower delivery service for under £20. I cannot speak for womankind when I say this, however if I were to receive flowers, I would also really appreciate a nice vase. Nothing posh, just something cool such as an old milk jug or jar with a ribbon around it – just me?

Beauty Treatment.candle

I always think a gift should be something that the recipient would not purchase for themselves and for many women this can sometimes be time to let someone pamper them. This is why a voucher to a beauty salon is a great idea as they can sit back and relax whilst they are having a manicure/pedicure/massage or facial. I may be biased, but any Bristolians out there I do not think you can beat my wonderful mother’s beauty place – The Beauty Retreat. You are taken care of from the moment you walk through the door. With a cup of tea/coffee in hand you cannot help but feel relaxed with the soothing music, gorgeous scents from oils and candles and warm reception from all of the therapists. Exclusively for Valentine’s Day The Beauty Retreat is offering a number of special therapies such as a 40 minute massage to unwind the mind and soothe the muscles with custom blended oils to suit your mood for just £30. If you can spare two minutes take a look at the Facebook page for all the latest promotions. 

Dining In.

Dining In AKA making a mess...

Dining In AKA making a mess…

If you are looking to make a 3 course meal for two, but cannot really be worried about cooking or do not want to give your loved one food poisoning then I have had a little scan of the best supermarket offers. Mark & Spencer’s is my favourite with Gourmet dining in for 2 for £20 this includes a starter, main course, side, dessert, box of chocolates and bottle of Cava or wine (individually this would cost £36+)!!! Let me tell you the options are also divine – take a look for yourself!. Both Tesco and Morrisons have also put on great deals for Valentine’s which will also save you money.


Don't panic there is more...

Don’t panic there is more…

If none of the above are appealing to you then I have spotted a few little gems which I absolutely love and would make gorgeous little gifts, such as a Lily-flame scented tin (They are my absolute favourite and I have mentioned them before in a previous post) or the Primark cushion below which is so fitting for anyone who loves cake as much as I do.

Lily-flame Rose Petals Scented Tin £8.50

Lily-flame Rose Petals Scented Tin £8.50

Primark Cushion £4

Primark Cushion £4

Outfits for the perfect Valentine’s Date – day & night options (sorry the pictures are so blurry, you can see the individual items better if you follow the links):


The perfect outfit for a daytime date...

The perfect outfit for a daytime date…

Sheinside Green Batwing Long Sleeve Cable Knit Sweater SALE £18.48 

Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans £36.00 

Primark Camel Trench Coat £25 (out now)

River Island Black Felt Fedora Hat £25.00 

Urban Outfitters Circle Triangle Double Pendant in Silver £12 

Topshop Leather and Suede Shopper Bag £42.00 

Topshop MERIBEL Ankle Boots £75.00


A feminine and chic look for an evening date or night out with the girls.

A feminine and chic look for an evening date or night out with the girls.

River Island Black Textured Bardot Bodycon Dress £35.00 

Topshop **Blige Duster Coat by Another 8 £75.00

Accessorize Small Hammered Hoop Earrings £10.00

Accessorize Grace Embroidered Ziptop Bag £29.00 

M&S Stiletto High Heel Platform Court Shoes £25.00

So whether you are out with your friends, on a romantic date or just having a cosy night in, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Even if it is a money making, marketing ploy; it is an excuse to receive a present, drink nice wine & eat nice food and I will never turn down any of the above!