One night in Paris – what to pack?

bonjourJust thought I would do a little post before I fly off to Paris for one night with work (I feel pretty cool typing that – such a loser!) We are all very excited in the office as all three of us are going, Bryony, Hannah and I. Office conversations over the last few days have definitely revolved around “What dress are you going to wear?”, “Boots or heels?”, “How do you say, I do not speak French?.” Hannah has also managed to find slots within our timetable for us to hunt down the closest patisseries and satisfy her croissant craving.

Anyhow, I thought I would write a little post before we go about what I am going to pack. I have tried to pack light, which I think has been quite successful and I hope to look professional, yet fashionable – success yet to be determined!!!

Clothing – Obviously I will be taking more clothes than this, but these are the main parts (not sure you want to see pictures of my pants…)

River Island Tank Top

River Island Tank Top

River Island Tank Top Around £16 (Last season). Not sure who says Tank Top anymore, but this is what RI call it. Looks quite cool with jeans and comfortable for travelling. It also says Paris on it which you will either think is lame or cute!

Awful picture - definitely better on!

Awful picture – definitely better on!

Topshop Drape Front Tunic Dress £40 (Available now). I have been saving this dress to wear for Paris as my lovely Mum picked it out when we were shopping a couple of weeks ago and then she even bought it for me because it “looks lovely on me” (what a result)! This picture is a bit dodgy and definitely does not do it justice. It is lovely,comfortable and classy and I LOVE IT!!! I hope with a pair of tights and heeled boots it will complete my professional, yet fashionable look.

My No.1 winter wardrobe item

My No.1 winter wardrobe item

River Island Cream Textured Relaxed Faux Fur Jacket £50 (Available now). This has been my absolute favourite purchase this winter. The fur can be removed, which is brilliant because you can dress the jacket down with a scarf and a hat or if you are feeling glamorous- keep the fur and strut around like a character from Game of Thrones. It is warm and cosy and for Paris I will definitely be keeping the fur!!!

Accessories – Again I will be taking more than these, but I wear the same jewellery most days.

All the accessories...

All the accessories…

Michael Kors Black Medium Tote Bag – This was my 2014 guilty present to myself which I purchased whilst I was on holiday in Florence with my family. I do not know if it was the warm weather, the beauty of Florence or just the fact that I wanted a designer handbag, but it is the best bag I have ever purchased. I have used it every day since and it is still in pristine condition. As I am going to one of the fashion capitals of the world then I think it will fit right in!! All bags and goodies from Michael Kors here if you dare.

Accessorize Green Fedora Hat (No longer available, but something similar here). My brother bought me this hat for Christmas and on my recent trip to London I was brave enough to wear it. It went down so well, that even a couple on the escalators at Paddington stopped me and told me how much they liked it (huge confidence boost). It is especially handy if you are having a greasy hair day, providing you do not have to remove it. I think the hat and the fur from my coat might be a bit too much, but you never know Paris might make me crazy.

Accessorize Super Chunky Hat (Now on sale at £5.10 from £17). I have received many compliments for this cosy number. It keeps your head lovely and toasty and looks quite cool too. Also if you are like me and have a large head then it fits perfectly and does not highlight this unfortunate problem.

Fake Ray Bans. I bought these in Italy for 10 euros which was a bargain. They have UV protection and everything. Not much else to say about these other than they are perfect for me as I always lose/break sunglasses.


Electrical goods...

Electrical goods….

My trusty travel hairdryer that is really useful because of its size and deceiving power (My mane takes a good 20 minutes under this bad boy to dry!!) I have also packed a cool adapter that I may or may not have accidentally ‘stolen’ from a hotel I stayed in before. It is really useful as you only need to take the lead part of your phone charger. Obviously need a normal adapter for the hairdryer.

Reading Materials

So studious & prepared!

So studious & prepared!

Both Hannah and I are taking our Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 course this year and this is our bible. Our course starts in a few weeks time, so I am trying to get ahead of the game with the reading (so far I have read the first page). I have also packed my custom made notebook to take notes during our very important meeting with our client, along with a posh pen (probs also stolen) and business cards because that is how an international jet setting business woman rolls (I presume)!

So small and travel friendly!

So small and travel friendly!

I also just want to share with you my super cute mini OPI nail varnish. It is a lovely shimmery purple colour which goes with everything and the bottle is adorable!!

The Dream!!

The Dream!!

All I really want is to take a picture with a croissant upside down (replacing my smile) with the Eiffel Tower in the background – too much to ask? I think not. Check my Instagram for updates!!

I will 100% writing a little post about Paris on my return.

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