January Wish List

wishWARNING: The following items in the following Wish List do not compliment each other and should not be worn together in any circumstance. I have tried to select a number of items for the home; the wardrobe and body to mix it up a bit.

Urban Outfitters purse – £28

Purse from Urban Outfitters.

Inside of purse – look at that little pouch!

I am in desperate need of a new purse and this one is exactly what I am looking for. Simple design, soft leather with plenty of space for cards and it even has a tiny little money pouch – how cute.

NikeAir Max Thea £85

Nike Air Max for 'ahem' running

Nike Air Max for ‘ahem’ running

For some reason I have started to acquire a taste for trainers, I think it is mostly because I am fed up of wearing boots. I have recently bought myself a pair of netball trainers, which are strangely really cool on court and not so much when worn casually, but these can be worn with a pair of jeans, but also come in useful when I am training for this bloody 10k with obstacles thing.

Mint Velvet – Black Melissa Shoe Boot were £99 now £79

Boots from Mint Velvet.

Boots from Mint Velvet.

Despite my moaning about boots, I think these are a good transition shoe from Winter to Spring. I also hate wearing heels on a night out and I think they would look great with a dress so could be the answer to all my problems. My only qualm (great word) is that I think they are a bit too Kooky (another great word) for me. Also what a great bargain!

Goldie Duster Coat Asos £52

Goldie Duster Coat from Asos

Now as I am quite clearly a fashion guru, I have noticed Trench Coats seem to be the theme for Spring 2015 and as much as I like the traditional, beige, biscuity coloured style I think this Olive ‘Duster Coat’ is slightly cooler, but maintains the idea of a Trench Coat. I also think it might hang slightly nicer and also great for day and evening wear.

River Island Baby pink loose fit poplin shirt £25

Pink shirt from RI

Pink shirt from RI

Even though I do not work in an office with a particularly strict dress code, I do like to look nice and I always think you cannot go wrong with a nice shirt. Only problem with white shirts is that I always find you can see people’s bras and I hate wearing vest tops under things. This lovely pink shirt is a gorgeous spring colour, will brighten up most outfits and look smart and casual at the same time – perfect! (I would most definitely undo those awful sleeve button holders and roll the sleeves up myself – another qualm).

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection for Valentines Day  £11.95 Approximately

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 19.20.10

6 Shades of 'Grey' from the range.

6 Shades of ‘Grey’ from the range.

I might be a bit ahead of myself promoting something for Valentines Day, but this new range of ‘grey’ shades from OPI are lush!!! There are 6 shades in this particular range, they are not necessarily grey, but they are sexy and on-trend. I love the OPI polishes, they are not gloopy, the brush creates a smooth stroke and the consistency of the varnish gives a nice shine. It is also good quality so it lasts for at least 2/3 days depending on activity.

Lily-flame Daisy Dip Scented Tin £8.50

Daisy Dip Scented Tin

Daisy Dip Scented Tin

My friend Claire introduced me to the Lily-flame candles before Christmas and I fell so in love I bought myself the ‘First Kiss of the Night’ scented tin and gave it to my mum to put in my stocking. It smells amazing with a fruity, calm and musky scent and lasts for 36 hours – which is a great life span in Candle years (hours). Considering my obsession with Daisies and candles the last object on my list seems pretty perfect, this might be one that comes out of the “Wish List” and onto the “Purchased List”.