Argan oil ultra hydrating body lotion by Body Drench

Argan oil ultra hydrating body lotion by Body Drench

Argan oil ultra hydrating body lotion by Body Drench

During the winter, I often find that my skin becomes very dry and scaly and I have tried a number of different body moisturisers such as….. to try and prevent ‘winter skin’.

I will be reviewing the body moisturiser that is packaged in a 236ml bottle with a lock pump, however it is also available in an oil form, which can also be used on hair and nails and packaged in an 8oz spray bottle. I must admit I have not tried the spray, however if the lotion were an indication of the quality, I would not hesitate to purchase the spray. At first glance, the bottle looks small and I was worried it would not last for long, however it is very deceiving and its life span is around 2/3 months if applied frugally every day.

Being an Argan based lotion, the presence of Argan in the aroma is quite prominent, however there are subtle notes of grapefruit, which softens the scent and creates a very subtle, but delicious smelling moisturiser. I sometimes find the scent of some moisturisers too strong such as the sweet scent of the Johnson’s cocoa butter moisturiser that becomes almost sickly after time. The aroma of this moisturiser is long lasting, but will not overpower other products such as perfume and hair products.

The lotion is best applied after a hot shower/bath as this is when the pores of the skin will be open and in need of moisture and it is also a great product to apply before bedtime as it will hydrate your skin overnight and protect the skin from moisture when in the shower/bath.

The Argan oil ultra hydrating body lotion by body drench is priced at around £8.99 from , which may seem steep for the size of the bottle, however it is well worth the money and will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated after every use.

The main advantages with this product are:

  • It absorbs into the skin quickly (within approx. 2 mins)
  • It goes on and spreads smoothly
  • It is long lasting
  • It moisturises very well
  • It is not greasy
  • It smells great
  • It softens skin
  • Great value for money