I am Georgie Goodhind, 24-year-old Bristolian (Only a slight twang, not Vicky Pollard style).

During the day I work as a Food & Drink PR, which is bloody brilliant because I am a complete foodie, enjoy writing and love networking so it’s a perfect fit.

With my spare time one of my main hobbies is netball! My friends and family think I have become slightly obsessed (for Christmas my nan bought me a mug saying “If it’s not netball, it’s not a game” and we all know, mugs do not lie).

Matt & I in the 'hand-made' photo booth at Mum's surprise party.

Matt & I at Mum’s surprise party.

I also love wining & dining especially if Matt (boyfriend) pays, spending time with the family and meeting the girls & gays for gin & tonic or two and a good dance. I should probably mention at this point that since the age of 17 I have had a slightly unhealthy obsession with Sean Paul , much to many a DJ’s delight.

Glastonbury 2014!

Glastonbury 2014!

I went to Cardiff Uni, studied Politics and Spanish and was lucky enough to spend an unforgettable year living in the beautiful Sevilla.

I created this blog because in my working life and in my social life I come across a number of things that I hope might interest others. I hope to include posts about interesting business insights, new beauty products, restaurants, drinks, travel, and general social activities. This is all new to me so if you would like to get in touch with any feedback or thoughts I would love to hear from you…

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